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Caution Popp 10 years Smoke Sensor: Read the small print

Posted: 12 Sep 2016 16:56
by pz1
I was attracted by the Popp 009402 10 Year Smoke Detector. Seemed a splendid solution to place in the house of elderly people. It also has the potential of a more green solution. Until I read bullet point 5 on page 2 of their manual.....
Battery Change: The battery of the wireless module will be empty much earlier than the 10 years soldered in battery of the smoke sensor. To replace the battery, remove the Smoke Detector, pull off the wireless module from the smoke sensor.
Then you can replace the 1/2 AA battery and replug the wireless module
Apparantly the device uses two types of batteries! My reseller wasn't of aware of this snag, and kindly replaced the device for a simpler and cheaper version.