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Zipato RFiD Keypad

Posted: 28 Sep 2016 15:38
by nfaber
I have purchased a Zipato RFiD Keypad for combining with my alarm system.
I am trying to set it up with my Razberry in Z-way.

There are some stories about an extension/app available for Z-way to improve the compatibility.
See also: ... ome-12393/

However i have no idea how to activate this app in the menu.
The list of apps i have available in Z-way is limited to features such as scheduling and push notifications, there are no product specific apps listed here.
Can anyone help me on how to proceed?

Re: Zipato RFiD Keypad

Posted: 28 Sep 2016 15:49
by enbemokel
So if you choose "Online Apps" and change the filter from "Featured Apps" to "All Apps"
you havn´t the App:?

Zipato RFID Keypad


Re: Zipato RFiD Keypad

Posted: 28 Sep 2016 15:56
by Karsten
You mean this: ?
In your web-interface or zway-app or on go to "apps" (small wheel top right), then choose "Online apps", then go to "Products/Workaround" (via first clicking and changing from "Featured apps"). There download "Zipato RFID Keypad"-app, add an app (+) and configure according to description.

Re: Zipato RFiD Keypad

Posted: 29 Sep 2016 09:21
by nfaber
Thanks a lot guys!
I was not aware that a filter ('featured apps only') was limiting the apps i could see.
Set-up was very simple with the app, very convenient way to learn the RFiD tags and PIN.

I now have elements 'Wintop Switch' and 'Zipato RFID Keypad Security Mode'.
It seems that when the keypad is set to armed and the exit delay has passed, the security mode is set.
Vice versa when you disarm by pressing the home button, the security mode is cleared again.
The wintop switch seems to tell nothing about the status of the alarm, it seems to be set everytime the device is awake/active.

In my setup Z-way is linked to Domoticz, which manages also the non-Z-wave sensors of my home alarm.
It seems that the 'Zipato RFID Keypad Security Mode' switch is not accessible using JSON API, as it is not a physical device, but a virtual switch or internal variable.
As a result i cannot see it in Domoticz, it only shows the 'Wintop Switch'.
Is there any way to change this?

Re: Zipato RFiD Keypad

Posted: 29 Sep 2016 10:53
by Karsten
How is Z-way linked to Domoticz? Via "Razberry Z-Wave via LAN interface (HTTP)"? If yes, did you read this: ?
Anyway, can you directly call http://raspberrypi:8083/ZAutomation/api/v1/devices (the Virtual Device API / HTTP REST API)? and see, if your device is listed in the response?