TKB plug-in switches - security interview failing

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TKB plug-in switches - security interview failing

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Has anyone experienced and/or have any idea how to solve a problem with z-wave plus devices failing the security interview stage?

I have a number of TKB TZ88 and D-Link (actually rebadged TKB TZ69) plug-in switch + power meter modules.
- If I select the device type (both TZ88 & TZ69 are listed in the smarthome UI on razberry), inclusion fails every time. Surprised by that, as I thought that listed devices had been tested and worked fully.
- If I include them as generic z-wave devices, inclusion works about 1 time in 3 (I have 7 of the things in all, so that's not a great hit rate ;) ).
- If I include via the expert UI network page, inclusion works every time but the device status page will later show that the security interview is incomplete (icon is slash across red circle). The interview result page shows that the device has reported as security-capable - see pic attached. I also notice that there is no firmware or SDK version reported.

These modules are also troublesome with Vera controllers - although TKB tell me that their engineers have succesfully included them to a Vera network, mine fails repeatedly. Right now, I'm not sure I believe TKB! I also know that nCube, which is based on razberry, has done some custom work to make the D-Link versions include fully.

Is there somewhere to find out more detail about what's happening in the inclusion/interview process? Any suggestions how to resolve the problem?


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