Alexa device not responding issue

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Alexa device not responding issue

Post by Onanov »

I have seen this on other more general threads, but I thought it would be worth starting a new on specifically about the issue.

I have been using Alexa & zwave me for a while & until recently it worked very well. However over the last month or so, I am getting a lot of "The device is not respondiong" errors. Leave it 30 mins and try again and all good.

Anyone else seen this & any ideas what the issue may be?

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Re: Alexa device not responding issue

Post by enbemokel »

Sorry, I can´t see any special on this issue. This is a general overload problem of the server.
We have to wait till they fix it......Or, just use it at night from 02:00 to 05:00, then it works very well. ;-)

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