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Popp Hub IOS app

Posted: 09 Aug 2019 19:14
by Emdeka
I am a newbie in Z Wave. I used X-10 as home automation for more than 20 years. My Insteon controller broke, so I invested now in this system. So starting to replace X-10 devices with z wave. HomeSeer software is not applicable I guess.
The app for IOS (Popp hub) is not available in my country (Belgium). Is there a workaround available ?
I am waiting for an answer of the verdor (aeotec group).
Perhaps this forum could help me.

Re: Popp Hub IOS app

Posted: 31 Aug 2019 01:37
by PoltoS
It should be back now.

Re: Popp Hub IOS app

Posted: 04 Sep 2019 14:59
by Emdeka
Christian Paetz posted the app again very recently, version 1.1.1. No changes for the past 3 years. Hardware sent back to verdor. Invested in Fibaro HCL.
Looks promising: lots of online support available.