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Fibaro Walli outlet (FGWOE-011 and FGWOF-011)

Posted: 27 Sep 2019 21:03
by Karsten
Just got my first Fibaro Walli outlet and started playing around. Nice device, switches on and off, LED ring can be used as indicator for different things, so basic functions are fine.

But immediately some questions popped up, which hopefully someone of the experts here can answer:

1. Is it possible, that the devices are not yet fully reflected in the device database?
I can not see detailed configuration options in the standard or the expert UI (configuration tab). Operating standard functions of the device and setting parameters via parameter-number and value work correctly.

2. There are 5 parameters listed in the manual to configure (5 different) alarm behaviour, for example:
31. Alarm configuration - 2nd slot
This parameter determines to which alarm frames and how the device should react. The parameters consist of 4 bytes, three most significant bytes are set according to the official Z-Wave protocol specification.
Parameter size: 4B
Default value: [0x05, 0xFF, 0x00, 0x00]
(Water Alarm, any notification, no action)
Available values:
1B [MSB] – Notification Type
2B – Notification Status
3B – Event/State Parameters
4B [LSB] – action:
0xX0 – no action on output,
0xX1 – turn ON, 0xX2 – turn OFF,
0xX3 – turn ON/OFF continuously,
0x0X – no action on LED frame,
0x1X – LED frame blinks red,
0x2X – LED frame blinks green,
0x4X – LED frame blinks blue,
0x8X – disable LED frame,
0xFX – LED frame LAPD signal (red-white-blue)
Without being an expert, I don't understand the construction of the 4bytes value.
Can somebody explain, please?
How can I configure this via API-Call or expert command?

Thanks a lot.


Re: Fibaro Walli outlet (FGWOE-011 and FGWOF-011)

Posted: 07 Oct 2019 20:44
by michap
I think not every device can be integrated in time, somebody must do it and test it ;)

For such cases you can configure the device using the manual and checking the possible parameters.
Use the expert UI (http://a.b.c.d:8083/expert )and select the Expert commands for the needed device.

Use the configuration section.
Try to get the value for the parameter 31 - you will get 100597760 in HEX: 05 FF 00 00

Now configure your needed value (as sample):
given the first bytes: 05 FF 00 (from your post)
select the needed action: 0x1X for blinks red and 0X2 for turn off => 0x12 (Hex value 12)
So for water alarm will the LED frame blink red and the switch will go off.

Byte summary will be in HEX: 05 FF 00 12 => ‭100597778‬

Write now in Configuration section Parameter value: 31, Size: 4byte and value: ‭100597778‬
Then "Set", and for an online device the value will be written immediately (for battery devices after wakeup)

I hope it is clear now, sorry if too much details, but maybe helpful for others ;)