strange Status report Qubino Flush Dimmer

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strange Status report Qubino Flush Dimmer

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I´m running Razberry system with some binary sensors for some time without any problems.
Now I added a Qubino Flush Dimmer device. Operation is working as expected. I can control the device without any problems. I also added a normal switch to Input 1. If I press the wall switch, the light can be turned ON and OFF as it should.
But there is a issue with the status report.

For example:
Light is ON. This is also shown on the Razberry status website. Now I turn off the light using the wall switch. Light is turning OFF, this is also shown on the website. But then - after some seconds, the website status is going back to ON but the light physically stays off.
No idea, what is going on there. Now the status in not synchronized.
Is there any information how to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance.

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