Heating app issue

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Heating app issue

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I am trying to sort out a weird behavior. I am using a raspberry pi with the z-wave.me firmware 2.3.8 and UI 1.9, running on a pi with a razberry2. I have a total of 31 devices controlling my home. In my network there are 6 AEON multisensor 6 Z-W100 plus a few Nortek control FS20Z-1 isolated contact fixture.

I create four virtual thermostats using the AEON sensors, the FS20Z-1, and the virtual thermostat app (version 1.1.0) to control the temperature of four rooms. The total number of rooms is 14; in certain rooms I have no z-wave thermostat or device.

Up to the December, my system was based on Markos Kollar thermostat controller application (version 1.07). However, the system became highly unstable with no apparent reason or software change. The z-wave server simply disappeared from the system. No error in the logs, no trace of the server daemon.

Thus I decided to give a try to the new Heating control app, integrated in the 2.3.8 system. Now at least the z-wave server seems more stable. Still sometime, web server goes nuts and it just miss-interpret the code. Results a non usable web interface. I suspect data are corrupted even though I have no error in the file system. The cure is again, scratch the system and reinstall all. Again, re-installing is not enough you really need to remove the /opt/z-way-server directory.

The most annoying thing is a weird behavior of the Heating control app “time” mode: it only works for 3 of the 4 virtual thermostats. It seems that for one thermostat the app regularly falls back to the temperature saving state and remains there. This is annoying as every morning you have to manually 1) set the system in comfort mode and 2) set it again in time mode. The funny thing is the other thermostats work well. The room giving problem is neither the lower number not the higher number.

I thought it could have been the specific thermostat thus I deleted and re-created but the behavior is the same. Notice I have not installed the Climate Control app. What is the difference between the integrated Heating control and the Climate Control ? Should I move to the Climate Control app?

Last is there any documented or known way one room can be removed from the system without creating issues with the Heating control app. It seems that if I removed a room then in the app widget clicking on the “Rooms” list it shows up an empty list like if all rooms were removed which is not.

Any suggestion or hint would be appreciated.

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Re: Heating app issue

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Processor speeds.
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