[userModule] SmartEnergyLogging

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[userModule] SmartEnergyLogging

Post by Erasmuz » 10 Dec 2014 20:39

This module is a re-write of the datalogging module but sends data to smartenergygroups.com for collection.
(I'm in no way affiliated with them, or their services, but find it very useful). It is setup to be able to log on/off switches (as 0 or 1), dimmers, etc., but is really useful for home energy monitors.

To use the module you must first create an account at http://smartenergygroups.com (free), create a site, create a device for that site, and finally create a data holder for the device. You can skip the part about scanning for their devices and just setup your own.

Field Details
  • Field 1 : Site Token - This value can be found in the site info near the bottom left after a site has been created
  • Field 2 : Node Name - This value can be found on the device details screen (you must name it yourself).
  • Field 3 : Stream Name - This value can be found on the stream details that was created for the device (also named yourself)
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The module
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Re: [userModule] SmartEnergyLogging

Post by Erasmuz » 10 Dec 2014 20:40

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Re: [userModule] SmartEnergyLogging

Post by PoltoS » 13 Dec 2014 18:18

Nice work! You can make a pull request in our develop branch and we will include it in next release. I woul also suggest to add some icon (it will appear in next release I believe)

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Re: [userModule] SmartEnergyLogging

Post by baekka » 22 Jan 2015 18:19

Hello, being pretty new to Z-way i just want to add for noobs, like myself, that you need to unzip the file into:

Then restart the server and access http://IP:8083/z-way-ha/, klick your way to Preferences -> Modules -> Datalogging -> SmartEnergyLogging and hit the select button, then enter the "Field Details" described in the first post. The third field is missing its label, "Stream name". Watt can be found at ID-0-50-2 on your HEM.

At smartenergygroups.com it is possible to add more streams, besides power, from your Aeon Labs HEM into the same node. Just create another logging in the HA UI with the same token and node name but different stream name. For exampel I added the kWh reading too, found at ID-0-50-0 on your HEM.

I have only tried the module with the Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter 2nd, but it really works great! I have been looking for a tool to make graphs off the powerconsumption but never found a tool that work until now, so thanks!!

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