[userModule] PVLogger / SolQoS

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[userModule] PVLogger / SolQoS

Post by pz1 » 23 Mar 2015 17:11

Last updated: 2016-01-31
Tested with: v2.2.1-rc7
STATUS: Stable
Download: Online Appstore

userModule PVLogger
PVLogger.PNG (6.33 KiB) Viewed 3399 times
This userModule collects the power level and solar energy production of the PVLogger device from fp4all.com. These loggers are available for a great number of solar power inverters. PVLogger comprises a mini webserver that monitors and displays. Users can subscribe to a web service that stores and displays data over time.

The module creates two metric type:level virtualDevices with the names PVLogger_X-1, and PVLogger_X-2, for repectively power (Watt), and engergy (kWh). Because the sensors were defined as simple "level" devices, they can directly be used in Logical Rules:
Condition.PNG (5.49 KiB) Viewed 4071 times
The JSON objects for power and energy are respectively:

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{"scaleTitle":"W","title":"Solar Power","probeTitle":"Power","level":0,"timeStamp":"20150402 19:58"}

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{"scaleTitle":"kWh","title":"Solar Energy","probeTitle":"Energy","level":16.6,"timeStamp":"20150402 19:58"}
userModule SolQoS (Compare and check two PV installations)

If one has two power inverters, the production data can be used to check the quality of service of the inverters with userModule SolQoS.
SolQoS.PNG (7.13 KiB) Viewed 2047 times
This module calculates the combined wattage of the inverters. If any of the inverters wattage drops below 40% of the combined wattage, an error status is generated. The generated JSON is:

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{"scaleTitle":"Watt","title":"QualityOfService","probeTitle":"Power","icon":"http://RaspIP:8083/ZAutomation/api/v1/load/modulemedia/SolQoS/solarok58px.png","level":850,"kW":0.85,"outputRatio":13,"kWh":1.728,"QoS":1,"timeStamp":"20160131 11:53"}
The flawed inverter (#2 in this case) is shown in the icon:
Sol2Defect.PNG (7.15 KiB) Viewed 3348 times
To get the combined energy (kWh), just use standard module CodeDevice with command:

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where SolQoS_27 is the widget name for your device.

If you have activated the OpenRemoteHelpers module you can get the energy value with URL:

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PVLogger versions: Latest see Github link at top of this post
0.0.6 If logger can't be reached, power level is set to 0

Solar Quality of Service Monitor versions:
0.0.3 Added timeStamp
0.0.2 First public release

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Solar power generation quality monitor

Post by pz1 » 02 Apr 2015 22:44

I have added to PVLogger a separate module SolQoS that compares the output of two solar power inverters.

PVLogger and SolQoS together implement a primarily Rule based solution I did with OpenRemote.
At present Z-Way LogicalRule is not yet rich enough to implement that Drools set of rules.

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