[userModule] Astronomy (Updated 2016/10/26)

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Re: [userModule] Astronomy (Updated 2016/04/20)

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Ah ok. Thanks for your fast reply. Thats ok.
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Re: [userModule] Astronomy (Updated 2016/04/20)

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There is no need to reduce the update interval. Just select 'Hide events for this device' for the altitude and azimuth device and all solar changes should be removed from the event list.
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Re: [userModule] Astronomy (Updated 2016/04/20)

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I'm working on a project and I've run up against a wall. I know it's me and I might actually figure it out before you see this but here's what I have. In the config file, I have this:

"instanceId": "0",
"moduleId": "KwiksetManager",
"active": "true",
"title": "Kwikset Door Code Manager",
"params": {
"devices": ["ZWayVDev_zway_7-0-98"],
"code1": 0,
"code2": 0,
"code3": 0,
"code4": 0,

with devices being an array. I'm having a hell of a time pulling that array into the index.js file to process the devices in the array. I've looked at the SensorsPolling module since it does something similar but I haven't gotten very far. If you know how to do this, any help would be appreciated. I'm sure it's something simple that I'm screwing up but it's whipping my ass....

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