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[userModule] InfluxDB stats collector (Updated 2016/12/05)

Posted: 17 Oct 2015 00:29
by maros
This plugin collects device statistics in an InfluxDb database (see Using tools like Grafana or chronograf, this data then later can be charted and analysed.

Data is stored under 'device.$DeviceID$', with only one measurement key called 'level' The following tags are also added:
  • probe: probe title
  • room: room name
  • scale: scale title
  • type: basic device type
  • title: device name
Additionally zwave device metrics are stored under 'zwave.$ZwaveID$'

Tested with Z-Way version v2.2.2
Bug/Issue tracker at
Documentation at ... /
Download at

Installation can be done directly via git or via the the Zway App-Store. Install the BaseModule first.

Re: [userModule] InfluxDB stats collector (Updated 2016/12/05)

Posted: 30 Oct 2018 11:56
by CaptainIgloo
Hi Maros,
Could you give me more informations for tag parameter ? Impossible to collect timeseries in InfluxDB.