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[userModule] Remote Host Switch (Updated 2016/03/13)

Posted: 22 Nov 2015 21:07
by maros
Creates a switch that controls and checks the status of a remote host in the same network
  • Turning on is done via Wake on LAN. Since WOL packets are not routable, zway and the target host must reside in the same network.
  • Turning off is handled via SSH. You must ensure that the user running zway (usually root) has its public SSH key on the target machine
  • Checking is done via ping
Tested with Z-Way version v2.2.2
Bug/Issue tracker at
Documentation at ... /
Download at

Installation can be done directly via git or via the the Zway App-Store.

Re: [userModule] Remote Host Switch

Posted: 23 Nov 2015 17:08
by TritonT
Just done this using a 'HTTP Device' that calls EventGhost to do the WoL and SleepOnLan to do the off action. The I choose Sleep On Lan is that I can easily have my off action as suspend, hibernate, poweroff or forcepoweroff.

I mainly use it for suspending and waking my MediaPortal HTPCs (this will also switch on/off my TVs if they are set to respond to input).