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[userModule] Synology Recording

Posted: 30 Sep 2018 22:35
by fez
This module will enable you to start / stop recording of a camera configured in the Synology Surveillance Station and as such enable you to trigger the recording with z-wave devices or events. It creates a virtual binary switch: on - starts recording, off - stops recording. Based on the provided credentials it will log in, send the given start / stop command and then log out.

This is a more user friendly version of the Synology Surveillance Station (SSS) Web API switch module, offering only recording control.

Token: fermit_beta

Re: [userModule] Synology Recording

Posted: 03 Apr 2019 07:09
by podultrasound
What a great idea?! Download granny 2.0

Re: [userModule] Synology Recording

Posted: 16 Oct 2020 10:46
by fez
Added http option.
This could be used as a workaround in case of certificate issues when used via IP on local network.