http / webhook switch

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http / webhook switch

Post by vinisz »

Hi all,

very new to but product is looking great so far.
I do however miss a thing (or simply overlooking it)
I'd like to create a switch that, when pressed, sends a http to :, [ 145, 1, 15, 38, 1, 1, 0, 30 ])
Ik can however not find such a "virtual http" switch app..
I found one, but when I enter the URL in there (http get) , nothing happens (gives timeout in the log)
When I enter the URL in the browser, it just works...

Can someone help me creating this "HTTP Swtch" ?
Thanks !
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Re: http / webhook switch

Post by enbemokel »

you are looking for the app Code Device.
Then use toggleButton and paste your code in the field beneath.
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