Modbus gateway

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Modbus gateway

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Was looking for a solution but could not find anything quickly.
Basically, I was thinking about a gateway between z-wave and modbus TCP/IP (prefrably with WIFI).
I think it should work if I use Z-Uno with one of those
1. Z-Uno shield which supports RS485. And some RS485-to-TCP/IP adapter. This must work as Z-Uno shield support modbus library by default. Configuring RS485-TCP gateway is not a problem.
2. Alternative would be to add an Ethernet module of some kind connected to Z-Uno. There are libraries to Arduino that could broadcast Modbus over TCP/IP. But I could not find any info on support of ethernet shields. It looks like there might be a problem with 3rd party libraries.

Complete different ideai is to go with Razzbery. But again I could not find any info if Razbery can manupulate data between modbus and z-way adapters. Z-Uno can do this as far as I can see.

So, has any one done something similar? Any expirience on that?

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