What's needed for me

This is a collection of wishes and needs for the next versions of Z-Way/Z-Cloud/Z-Box
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Franz Winchester
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What's needed for me

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I am using Z-Wave (currently v3.1.1) on a RaspberryPi with Razberry now since 3 years. In some sectores I see improvments, in others not.
Here is my small to-do list:

-should work again. Since months without possibility to access the system

-after restart the system must immediately work as scheduled in the climate control, without any assistance from the user

-every user should be able to create his own sorted list, not depending on other users

Amazon Alexa:
-improve communication. At the moment it*s a gamble

-if-then works, but else normally does not work
-time condition for weekdays should be implemented
-you should be able to use conditions in one term more than only once

Alarms (smoke and water):
-it should be possible to assign smoke or water sensors to different sirens and notifications

I would be pleased, if the system is being developped.

Best regards
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