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heating control--OpenTherm and eBus

Posted: 19 Jan 2024 20:52
by philipperoger
Gas boilers for central heating in Europe often relying on the OpenTherm (Bosch, Junkers, ...) or the eBus (Vaillant, Saunier-Duval) communication protocol with their room thermostat. Compact, affordable electronic cards are available in the market to read the communication signals; they offer the option of writing values to override the existing settings of the thermostat or the boiler. I haven't come across a z-wave app that would integrate the OpenTherm/eBus reading and writing into the z-Way GUI; designing one would greatly expand the functionality of the z-Way interface and would make it very competitive indeed vis-à-vis the solutions commercialized by the boiler manufacturers--the tiny PCBs are available for less than €50, while the commercial alternatives typically sell for €200-400.