"recipe.c.o.pattern pattern is missing" when compiling sketch in Arduino IDE

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"recipe.c.o.pattern pattern is missing" when compiling sketch in Arduino IDE

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When compiling with Arduino IDE I get the following error

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Making firmware file: C:\Users\knst\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_371438/heating.ino-0211.hex ...packihx: read 974 lines, wrote 1881: OK.

Fixing ISR table in C:\Users\knst\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_371438/heating.ino-0211.hex ...Making binary firmware file C:\Users\knst\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_371438/heating.ino-0211.bin. Using in Z-Way for wireless update procedure.[Done]

Elapsed:14.6540000439 s

recipe.c.o.pattern pattern is missing

Error compiling for board Z-Wave>ME Z-Uno.
OS: windows
Arduino IDE: 1.8.5
Z-Uno core: 2.1.1

Manual compiler call works fine:

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c:/Users/knst/AppData/Local/Arduino15/packages/Z-Uno/tools/zuno_toolchain/00.08.50/zuno_toolchain/compiler.exe build D:\mycode\Heating\code\src\heating\tmp\heating.ino -r c:/Users/knst/AppData/Local/Arduino15/packages/Z-Uno/hardware/zw8051/2.1.1 -p c:/Users/knst/AppData/Local/Arduino15/packages/Z-Uno/tools/zuno_toolchain/00.08.50/zuno_toolchain/sdcc/ 
I use sublime to compile and upload firmware to z-uno so can not say when exactly IDE sopped compiling.

Have a feeling that I need to completely remove IDE and z-uno from the system and reinstall to fix it but I've uninstalled IDE and deleted AppData/Local/Arduino15 then reinstalled IDE and it still gets z-uno somewhere - it just installs it, downloading step is skipped...
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Re: "recipe.c.o.pattern pattern is missing" when compiling sketch in Arduino IDE

Post by jemenake »

Just in case anybody comes across this thread, again: I was able to solve this problem for myself by copying the recipe.cpp.o.pattern line to the recipe.c.o.pattern one in platform.txt in $HOME/Library/Arduino15/packages/Z-Uno/hardware/zw8051/*/platform.txt (this is on a Mac. Windows users will need to find where their Arduino library folder is.
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