Battery powered light toggle

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Battery powered light toggle

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I'm trying to build a simple battery powered light toggle. I have a light connected to a z-wave smart wall switch. I would like to be able to toggle it on/off from another place with a battery powered switch. I connected the Z-uno to a simple door bell switch and loaded this sketch:

byte buttonPressed = 0;


void setup() {
pinMode(18, INPUT_PULLUP);


void loop() {
if (digitalRead(18) == LOW) {
if (buttonPressed == 0) {
zunoSendToGroupSetValueCommand(CTRL_GROUP_1, 1);
buttonPressed = 1;
} else {
buttonPressed = 0;

I have trouble to make this work in Z-Way hub. Any suggestions how I can use this in the Hub scene automations? Or maybe this approach is not correct?
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