Z-Uno2 OTA Sketch Update Issue

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Re: Z-Uno2 OTA Sketch Update Issue

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Ok, I realized the versions didn't matter and the proper way to utilize the beta versions was to add the link below to the IDE's board manager. I was able to upgrade to 3.0.12 and burn the bootloader and with this version I'm not able to flash either chip via OTA.

My HA controller says this: zwave_error: Z-Wave error 1503 - Failed to start the update: Invalid hardware version! (ZW1503)

https://z-uno.z-wave.me/files/z-uno2/pa ... index.json


1) Does OTA work at all on the 3.0.12?
2) Can I get this Uno back to 3.0.10?
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Re: Z-Uno2 OTA Sketch Update Issue

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I can only say that OTA update with 3.0.12 is working fine without problems using Z-Way...

It doesn't help you, but looks like not a problem with Z-Uno FW, maybe...

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