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Scene Activation to Main Controller (Life Line)

Posted: 07 Aug 2016 23:50
by maddam
I am not sure how to sent Scene activation to main controller (Life Line).

zunoSendToGroupScene(CTRL_GROUP_1, 3); // Activate scene #3

Note: Real association groups number are shifted by one. Means CTRL_GROUP_1 is in reality number 2. This is because number 1 is Life Line group. Read more in description of Z-Wave implementation.

Does it mean, it is not possible to control main controller Life Line scene activation ?

Please could you provide example of scene activation together with various IDs sent based on button press to main controller ?
Means to have one button defined as simple switch and sent e.g. ID=14 for double click and 15 for triple click.

Z-uno transmision will be processed by next Lua code in main controller.

%% properties
30 sceneActivation
%% globals

local lightID = 30

local scene = fibaro:getValue(lightID, 'sceneActivation')

-- 16 == single click: ignore it - let light turn on and off as normal.
if (scene == '14') then -- double click
-- actions for double clicks go here
elseif (scene == '15') then -- tripple click
-- actions for tripple clicks go here

Re: Scene Activation to Main Controller (Life Line)

Posted: 08 Aug 2016 00:27
by PoltoS
SceneActivation is sent only in the group you have defined, not in LL. Please add your controller in the corresponding group in addition to LL.

For examples:

1: #1 // LL - needed only to get reports via zunoSendReport()
2: #1 // CTRL_GROUP_1 with SceneAction commands