Controlling Multiple Scenes

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Controlling Multiple Scenes

Post by tophattaylor »

HI, I have a few zWave modules around my house and am looking to buy a z-uno as looks like it going to give me some capabilities that I just can't achieve with my current setup.

What I am looking for is to to take a standard triple light switch (no lights connected) that I will be putting next to my bed and I want this to be able to send scene commands to my wave controller, which I was looking to do by wiring the three switches to the z-uno. Is my understanding correct that the uno will be able to take three separate inputs and send a wave signal to activate/deactivate three separate scenes?

Anyway any example of this would be great, gone the the specs but don't really understand enough about the z-uno yet :)

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Re: Controlling Multiple Scenes

Post by ftrueck »

I'd suggest buying zWave.Me WALLC-S Switch. It does already this, is ready to use, and costs the same as a zuno. :-) Plus: It has 4 switches capable of sending 2 different scenes each, so you get a total of 8 scenes.

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Re: Controlling Multiple Scenes

Post by PoltoS »

Please have a look on this example:

You can change type to scenes and then add more buttons

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