Certification of sketches

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Certification of sketches

Post by jeetnl »

I have a question regarding certification. Currently only the 10 channel sketch is certified.

What if I made a sketch that supports certain classes and/or channels, and I would want to certify a sketch, then that would mean I need to provide a manufacturerId, productId and productTypeId. Is it possible to modify these values? I also need to modify them pre-certification. (I know the manufacturerId is assigned by Sigma, and I need to request my own...)

I don't own a Z-Uno yet, but if it is not possible to modify these values, I have to look for other solutions.

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Re: Certification of sketches

Post by PoltoS »

Currently it is not possible, but you can certify Z-Uno with your sketch using current too.

May be we will add such manufacturerId change, but this require agreement with Sigma, so quite some work for us - means you need to order many ;)

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