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Re: Z-Uno with battery

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 14:31
by ggoetz56
Hi markus,

I did. After new including Hc2 says "Waiting for wakeup" and after the defined period HC2 tries to wakeup z-uno. But there is no response.
Even pressing service button won't force z-uno sending data. Green LED is ON for about 30sec but no data will be sent.
I' not quite sure if this is fact when it's true that serial-monitor won't work in sleeping mode.

You know i.e. that motion eye send data when several event occurs, dispite sleeping mode. This is reported immediately to Hc2 and shown i.e. in event-log. I worry about that z-uno supports sleeping mode.

Re: Z-Uno with battery

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 15:14
Sensors like motion eye who need to react on external events, are woken up by interrupt.
This is the way like eg. key pad is implemented.
Sleeping should be for the predefined time you set on the controller.
During the defined sleeping time the Z-UNO doesn't listen for Z-Wave messages.
To enable listening to Z-Wave messages you would need to enable FLIRS, but that would have impact on battery as well as the sensor wakes up every couple of seconds to listen to the Z-Wave network.
For measurements every x seconds the standard sleeping mode would be most efficient (If it works)

Re: Z-Uno with battery

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 15:50

could you test following:
Wakeup Z-Uno from sleeping mode

To wake up your sleeping Z-Uno also press three times Service Button. Z-Uno will send a Node Informatio Frame (NIF) to all devices around. Z-Uno will also wake up periodically (according to Wakeup configuration) to notify Z-Wave controller and wait for configuration from the controller.

For some of the battery powered sensors I had to do this in order to get config changes from the main controller sent to the sensor.
There is a small chance that the device reporting time didn't make it into Z-Uno during inclusion and controller is waiting for Z-Uno to get online again to get the settings.
This should be a one time action only.
Waiting for wakeup should disappear then.

Re: Z-Uno with battery

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 20:06
by ggoetz56
I did as well. Its like include but HC2 is not in inclusion mode.

After pressing the the service button 3 times the red led is on for about 3 sec then green is on for about 30 sec. (I think it is the delay) when doing so without sending the device to sleep the controll starts the sketch. This is how I managed to start serial monitor.

So I believe the program starts again and that is why I add some delay() before every zunonsendreport. Without zunoSendDeviceToSleep() I see in HC2 values when ...sendreport(1) delay, ...sendreport(2) delay()......
But once I used zunoSendDeviceToSleep() the blink scheme is the same but no values are reported. Deleting thezunoSendDeviceToSleep() line and upload the sketch again I see in HC2 sending delay, sending report(2) ......
like it should be.

But i don't know how to log z-uno activities because serial monitor do not work with zunoSendDeviceToSleep()-command.

I' running out of ideas.

Waiting for .... is only when i Include the device again for the first time. HC2 tries to wake up z-uno Im quite sure but if does this correct?

Re: Z-Uno with battery

Posted: 03 Nov 2016 23:14
by michap
Hi, I just tries it, with Z-Way...
It seems there is any timing problem...

I hope you can solve it so (it works for me):
Maybe you must test the delay values and change it - I made only first test for some hours it was working...

Code: Select all

void setup() {

void loop() {
  // obtaining readings from the sensor DHT
  humidity1 = dht1.readHumidity();
Please make following steps:
- exclude the Z-Uno
- make full reset (long press "system" for 5 sec - then 3x press short system)
- make rescue mode (hold down the Service Button and then hold down the Reset button, wait for a second, release the Reset button then release the Service Button)
- then upload sketch

After upload the LED shoul NOT blink - if it will blink all the time Z-Uno is not sleeping

. Then include to HC2 pressing 3 times on service button
- set wake-up to 240 seconds
- wakeup Z-Uno (press 3x service button - so that red LED is blinking)

Then wait for 4 minutes and more.

I hope this help - it is working here fine now with Z-Way.


Re: Z-Uno with battery

Posted: 04 Nov 2016 15:47
by ggoetz56
Thank you Michael,
working so consequent on my issue. I will try the different delay().
I'm not quite sure Fibaro acting totally zwave compatible. Beside z-uno I only use Fibaro equipment.

I thought pressing the service-button 1 time forced z-uno to wake up. So what happens then? Green Led is on for some seconds.
That explains why HC2 didn't receive data when pressing 1x service button. Because that is only z-uno stuff I wonder if sleepmode works anyway on z-uno. Without zunoSendDeviceToSleep() communication between z-uno and HC2 works fine. I.e. HC2 shows all in z-uno defined sensors or know the differences between wired or battery power.

I like the concept of z-uno very much, and I m sure that will make its way. So it will be a great pity when it only works with wired power.

Re: Z-Uno with battery

Posted: 04 Nov 2016 16:07
by michap
ggoetz56 wrote:That explains why HC2 didn't receive data when pressing 1x service button.
Not sure ;)

I had same issue with Z-Way - thought about the same...
But the DHT sensors are not ready - and will not give any value back.
In result you have a "0" , or a "hanging" Z-Uno in worst case.

Only with these delays (and upload after factory reset) I got changing values.


Re: Z-Uno with battery

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 00:18
by ggoetz56
Michael your definitely right
It is the latency of the sensor! Great Job!

It takes me about 3 hours of pressing buttons on board but a least it works. Loading up the sketch is not enough your also right, have to initialize the board, which was hard to do for me.
One time click on service button seems to restart the program but the values I get where random. Triple click deletes the values first then reporting the correct values. On your advice I set the wake up at 240 sec, and this is how the HC2 does. and z-uno. At event-panel on HC2 I see first the values go to 0 then 1 sec later to the actual ones.

I will now change wakeup values and delay til it meets my requirements.

Re: Z-Uno with battery

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 16:02
by ggoetz56
The issue now is that I can't set the wakeuptime. OK i can set it, but it takes no effect. It is fixed to 4 min (240 sec).
I don't like to ex/include zuno for changing wakeup timer. So its just a matter of HC2 I wonder about.
After including zuno (michap's procedure) the wakeup was somthing like 60000. I changed it to 240 and started the sketch. So it reports values every 4 min I thought wakeup time is configured ok but then no change take effect.

Re: Z-Uno with battery

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 17:42
by michap
For change wakeup time you must noct exclude/include the device.
Set the wakeup time at HC2 - then wakeup the Z-Uno only (until red led is flashing)

What you see in event log? Did you wait one hour? Value was changed?

When sleeping - all LED at Z-Uno are off?