Z-Uno with battery

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Re: Z-Uno with battery

Post by michap »

Sleep + DHT lib is not very stable.

Developers are checking this.
Even my workaround (above) is not working stable for a long time.


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Re: Z-Uno with battery

Post by ggoetz56 »

When z-uno is sleeping no LED is on. Every 4 min green is on for about 4 seconds. I tried several settings. (wakeup was the first). I even make a soft configuration at HC2 which means the device is excluded, read parameters from the board following inclusion. The device id will stay.
The effect is that z-uno module disappear. But the impressive matter is that z-uno send date every 4 min as well.

There must be a value stored in z-uno forced the device to do so. ???? Such things have to be part of z-wave rules??

Reporting seems stable to me. Before softconfiguration i see values every 4 min in event-log. Live of battery is about the double.

(So z-uno was not in direct access of HC2 I try softconfig once more)

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