z-uno with adafruit TFT Display - libraries won't compile

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z-uno with adafruit TFT Display - libraries won't compile

Post by Rob »

I'd like to connect the following adafruit TFT touchscreen to my z-uno: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-3-5 ... t/overview

It works and compiles perfectly with an arduino board, however I'm unable to compile the needed libraries when I change the board in the Arduino IDE to z-uno.

The following libraries are required:

At first, the complier fails with "Adafruit_GFX.cpp:35:22: fatal error: glcdfont.c: No such file or directory" - although the file definitely exists and lies just in the same directory as Adafruit_GFX.cpp. Just to test, I commented out the #include "glcdfont.c" line to see, what happens next. The compiler terminates with a bunch of errors - see below. These are not caused by the missing glcdfont.c but by some underlying issue, which I don't understand.

ANY help strongly appreciated! Thanks!

Adafruit_GFX_sdcpp_.cpp:813:25:error:unknown type name '__FlashStringHelper'
Adafruit_GFX_sdcpp_.cpp:817:18:error:virtual function 'write' has a different return type ('size_t' (aka 'unsigned int')) than the function it overrides (which has return type 'void')
Adafruit_GFX_sdcpp_.cpp:1571:55:error:use of undeclared identifier 'font'
Adafruit_GFX_sdcpp_.cpp:1844:40:error:unknown type name '__FlashStringHelper'
Adafruit_GFX_sdcpp_.cpp:1956:29:error:use of undeclared identifier 'malloc'
Adafruit_GFX_sdcpp_.cpp:1962:16:error:use of undeclared identifier 'free'
Adafruit_GFX_sdcpp_.cpp:2018:29:error:use of undeclared identifier 'malloc'
Adafruit_GFX_sdcpp_.cpp:2024:16:error:use of undeclared identifier 'free'
Adafruit_GFX_sdcpp_.cpp:2100:30:error:use of undeclared identifier 'malloc'
Adafruit_GFX_sdcpp_.cpp:2101:9:error:no matching function for call to '_zme_memset'
Adafruit_GFX_sdcpp_.cpp:2106:16:error:use of undeclared identifier 'free'
Adafruit_GFX_sdcpp_.cpp:2143:13:error:no matching function for call to '_zme_memset'

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Re: z-uno with adafruit TFT Display - libraries won't compile

Post by vebryn »

Hi Rob,

As Z-Uno uses a Sigma Designs microcontroller, Arduino Atmel microcontroller libraries are not compatible with Z-Uno.

Z-Uno provides libraries for popular chips : https://github.com/Z-Wave-Me/Z-Uno-Core ... /libraries

All instructions compatible with Z-Uno are documented here : http://z-uno.z-wave.me/reference/

You can try to adapt Adafruit libraires or wait for a futur release. New features are coming, roadmap for 2.1.4 : https://forum.z-wave.me/viewtopic.php?f=3427&t=26236

Your can also buy a compatible chip and interconnect it with Z-Uno (example : Weemos D1 mini https://www.wemos.cc).

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Re: z-uno with adafruit TFT Display - libraries won't compile

Post by budm »

Out of curiosity, how is it that a library written in C/C++ cannot be compiled out of the box for either platform? (Arduino/Z-Uno) I am looking at the code for a very simple library (https://github.com/bhagman/MillisTimer) and I see nothing in there that's architecture-specific. /Bud

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