Getting Domoticz to recognise my Z-Uno

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Getting Domoticz to recognise my Z-Uno

Post by rowan.bradley »

I just recently received my Z-Uno. Now I am trying to get it to talk to Domoticz (running on Windows PC). I have done the following:
1. Connected the Z-Uno (I have not changed the default sketch) to my PC with a micro-USB cable. The green and white LEDs on the Z-Uno flash continually, which I think means that the Z-Uno is running properly.
2. Triple-click the BTN button on the Z-Uno. The white LED now stops flashing (the green keeps going) and the red LED flashes quickly. I hope this means that the Z-Uno is now in "learn" mode.
3. In Domoticz, go to the Hardware page. There I have a Z-Wave (OpenZWave USB) item (the interface is an SA413 USB stick), with a red Setup button. Click the Setup button. The Nodes screen appears. Click the Node management button and select Include Node. A panel pops up saying Including ZWave Node, Press the include button on your ZWave device, but the circle just keeps going round, and it doesn't connect. I've tried triple-clicking the button on the Z-Uno again at this stage, but no joy.

Am I doing the above process correctly?

Why may it not be connecting?

How do I investigate this further?

Thanks - Rowan
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Re: Getting Domoticz to recognise my Z-Uno

Post by sega66 »

THREE press the BTN button on Z-UnO ... in-network
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Re: Getting Domoticz to recognise my Z-Uno

Post by petergebruers »

Select the frequency in the board settings [arduino menu), it defaults RU and you are probably EU or US
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