Z-Uno Mini

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Z-Uno Mini

Post by rowan.bradley »

Is the Z-Uno Mini available yet? Last time I asked it was said that it was expected to sample in April. Did it?

When is availability now expected (in one off quantities for prototyping)?

Can I pre-order one now?

Is there pricing available?

Is there a data sheet or specification?

Is there a PCB footprint and pinout available?

Thanks - Rowan

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Re: Z-Uno Mini

Post by PoltoS »

There are samples. We do not ship them yet, but will soon.
You can pre-order (if quantities > 50 pieces).
There is no final pricing yet for quantities, but for one piece it will be similiar to the price of a big Z-Uno.
There is a datasheet (with the footprint and pinout) on our web site: http://z-uno.z-wave.me/module/

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