I2C clock stretching. Test a prototype!

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I2C clock stretching. Test a prototype!

Post by p0lyg0n1 »

For those who need I2C clock stretching. I have made the first prototype. I am porting CCS811 sensor library to Z-Uno and I have to modify the Wire library first. You could help me if you test this library with your devices.
How to use this library:
1. You need the latest 2.1.4 cores.
2. Replace Wire.cpp/.h inside your cores with attached files(You have to unzip them first).
3. Try it with your project using I2C devices with "standard mode" (without your code modification).
4. Then add to your setup function

Code: Select all

5. Rebuild & try your device once more.
If all will be ok, I'll add this library to next beta/release.

Best regards,
Modified Wire library. It supports clock stretching.
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Re: I2C clock stretching. Test a prototype!

Post by michap »

As discussed, it is working with my lib for AMS IAQCore sensors - and its working still with "old" sensors ;)

Thanks for your work!

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Re: I2C clock stretching. Test a prototype!

Post by PoltoS »

2.1.4 supports Wire (I2C) with Clock Stretching https://forum.z-wave.me/viewtopic.php?f ... =40#p77418

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