Z-Uno hangs and unhangs

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Z-Uno hangs and unhangs

Post by perjar » 25 Sep 2018 09:56


I have built a sketch which has worked just fine for weeks, but after I tried to "upgrade" the code to store some data in EEPROM, the code makes the Z-Uno hang for hours before it comes alive.

I am at a loss in understanding why this is the case.

Here is what I did:
1. Ver 1 of the sketch works fine and is stable
2. Ver 2 of the sketch : Added the EEPROM function from the water meter example https://z-uno.z-wave.me/examples/Water-Meter/.
3. The board hangs immediately when the sketch is uploaded and stays like that.
4. Ver 3: Added some serial print statement to debug the code to try to see where it hangs.
5. Compile and upload: Generated a crc16 error when uploading to the board. "Something went wrong" as the compiler said. Very unspecific. Several tries with the same error.
6. At this point as was worried that I had bricked the board somehow. So I uploaded an old sketch to check that the board was still functional. It worked fine.
7. Going back to Ver 1 of the sketch (no EEPROM calls) I can now compile and upload, but the sketch hangs immediately. Leaving the power on in the evening, the board unhangs at some point during the night and starts to work again.
8. Uploading the sketch again repeats the pattern: hangs for a few hours (not sure how many hours) and then starts to work.

I have not inlcuded the z-uno in a z-wave network yet so I am running it "stand alone" so to speak during testing of the software functionality.

What might be the problem here? Any ideas?

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Re: Z-Uno hangs and unhangs

Post by PoltoS » 26 Sep 2018 21:31


We have found the same recently during our tests. And it was also related to the EEPROM functions. Please send us your sketches (if possible strip your code to minimal but keep the bug prominent) and we will try to check it here.

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