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1,3" OLED 128x64 lib for SH1106 chip for testing

Posted: 03 Oct 2018 12:14
by michap

I have got a "wrong" sample of the 128x64 I2C OLED display with an other chip (SH1106 instead of SSD1306).
So I had to make a new lib for it - maybe somebody else can need it ;)

Major difference - this chip can not address the lines directly and will not receive all bytes for a line.
So the only way I found is to use a buffer ... :(

This buffer take 1024byte of RAM :!: - so please check before the free RAM in your project.
In my smaller projects it is working fine - so I think it can be used with Z-Uno sometimes.

Because of buffer usage - there is a difference in sketch, for showing the buffer must be used oled.display();
Check the sample code - I have modified and added something.

I have used and modified the original Z-Uno OLED lib, didn't want to merge it...

Please check and feel free to comment it.