Battery Values

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Battery Values

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i use a CR123a battery to power an Z-Uno with Z_UNO_SLEEPINGMODE of SLEEPING. The battery value that is reported by the Z-Uno seems to be way to low. I changed the battery to a totaly new one and the reported value is 68%. The battery voltage is 2.98v (measured with a voltmeter).

I would expect a value of >90%...

Can someone explain what happen here.

I know that i can change the min max values, but maybe there is an explanation for this or a bug?

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Re: Battery Values

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This is because you need to measure it under the load.
By default we assume 3 V as normal and 2.65 as 0%

What you see is (3−2,78)÷(3−2,65)*100. Looks under load it gives 2.78.

You can apply your own handler.

See ... RY_LEVELS/

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