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Battery Usage Very High

Posted: 13 Sep 2019 15:57
by cmpts_cmp

My script simply checks the voltage on an ADC pin every second. It then uses z-wave to refresh this on the z-wave controller every 30 seconds or so.

My 3v CR123 battery is being run flat after 48 hours.

What improvements could there be to prevent this?

Do delay() functions cause high usage?

What about z-wave getter running in conjunction with the delay function?



Re: Battery Usage Very High

Posted: 13 Sep 2019 23:48
by cmpts_cmp
Spoken to Polto and I've enabled sleeping mode to reduce the battery usage.

"In non-sleeping mode Z-Uno takes about 30-50 mA. If you don't send it in sleep mode, it will eat the battery in about two days: 1200 mA h / 30 mA = 40 h.

If you send the devices asleep, it will take way less. Please turn your device in sleep mode and set wakeup time to few minutes.

See power consumption details:
How to make sleeping deices: ... PING_MODE/"