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Z wave to IR. Unknown IR

Posted: 18 Jan 2020 18:23
by kjetilhansen
Hey guys!

I am trying to use one of my Z-unos to control my AC unit. So I uploaded the IRsniffer and got the code for ON and OFF. I then added a IR diode and uploaded the Z-wave to IR and changed the top two lines (raw_command_on and off) with the codes I got from the sniffer. But this didn't work with my AC. The think I am wondering about is the MY_IR_VENDOR part. It says Sony. I am looking in the IRController.h and there is not a library for my Fujitsu General remote control. Am I out of luck then or is there a way around this?

For all I know it's working but I have hooked the diode up wrong.. :lol:

Re: Z wave to IR. Unknown IR

Posted: 19 Jan 2020 13:14
by PoltoS
If you use raw commands, no need to specify the vendor. But you should make sure to specify the frequency corresponding to the photodiode you used to decide the string.

Also note that for A/C control commands are usually very long and Z-Uno can not send such long commands. Please see limitations in the documentation

Re: Z wave to IR. Unknown IR

Posted: 21 Jan 2020 16:30
by schmidmi
Which AC unit are you using?

Re: Z wave to IR. Unknown IR

Posted: 23 Jan 2020 11:48
by kjetilhansen
It was a very long row of ir codes.. But I booted up my arduino and uploaded a code that would also tell me what vendor (this did not work for me on the zuno even if there was a part in the code saying either what vendor or unknown..) but the arduino code said for most of the buttons that it was Sanyo. So I think I need to try with that. But to find the vendor codes for that. I don't know what photodiode it uses, but I think I am going to test more on the arduino as there are more examples for that, and when I have it working on that, just transfer the codes and componoments over to the Z-uno.

But for all I know, the reason it didn't work is cause of the long raw commands..

I am using a Fujitsu General AC.. It is also a heat pump..

Re: Z wave to IR. Unknown IR

Posted: 25 Jan 2020 18:01
by schmidmi
I had a similar problem with my Mitsubishi AC unit.
It was a hard work to inculde this into my Z-Wave network, because it uses telegrams with 128 bits.
There where several steps to the success:

1. I baugt a nice software tool for analysing the the telegrams, see here
2. I made several tests to decode the functions, I wanted to use
3. Because of the restriction in Z-Uno, I put all the function belonging to the IR transfer into a arduino
4. The I made a small communication between Z-Uno and Ardunio (only one binary In-/Output)
5. I developed a board for the Arduino with contains the Z-Uno and some devices to handle the devices without a Z-Wave