Device dead after moving - best way?

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Device dead after moving - best way?

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I have tried a lot before, but have no idea what may be the right way.
Already tried to use a simple standard device for testing without special characteristics.

Have build a multisensor with 4 temperature sensors inside - as powered device. Sending every minute 4 values.
Included, all is ok. Used external power then - all still ok.

Then I moved the device to other place - near an other devices (Aeotec Switch on one side (about 5 meters), Aeotec Range extender (also about 5 meters) on other side) - both devices direct connected to Z-Way without problems.

Switched the Z-Uno on - after some time it is dead.
Tried to rebuild routes - no changes.
Switched off / on - rebuild routes - no changes (maybe because Z-Way mark it as dead too fast?).

Moving device back near Gateway, all is ok again.
So it seems the routes will not be optimized.

Then I have tried to force interview after moving and switching on - but it came only to about 50%.

Last way was to force interview and then pressing Reset (multiple times) while interview was complete.
And then reorganisation routes was working even for this device.

And - now all is ok, connection is fine, and routes are ok, the hops will be shown - like for other devices.

=> What happen here? And what right way should be done?

I have same issue with a mobile Z-Uno sensor (solar based) - after moving to other location, no more stable connection.
Same effect - the existing near devices will not be used as hop - even after network reorganisation (solar device is sleeping for 8 minutes and sending then sensor values)

Thanks for any ideas!


(using 2.1.5 for Z-Uno and Z-Way 3.0.6 with Raspberry and UZB Stick)
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