Z-Uno Module spec error?

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Z-Uno Module spec error?

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I have a question to the specifications of the Z-Uno and the Z-Uno module. I have used the Z-Uno for prototyping, and I am now going to convert the prototype into a usable product utilizing the smaller Z-Uno module. I looked at the specs for the GPIO pins and to my surprise the specs are not the same.
According to https://z-uno.z-wave.me/technical/ the Z-Uno can source and sink 8 mA (16mA for some pins) with a total of max. 120 mA, but the Z-Uno module (https://z-uno.z-wave.me/files/z-uno/Z-U ... xZUNOM.pdf) is only capable of sourcing and sinking 8 µA, again with a total of max 120 mA (and the leakage current from the pins are greater than the maximum allowed source/sink current ??!!??). These numbers do not really add up, so I assume that there is an error in the specs for the Z-Uno module and the unit of measurement should have been mA instead of µA.
Could you please confirm that my assumptions are right?


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Re: Z-Uno Module spec error?

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Of course it is a typo - should be 8mA.

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