Z-Uno and INA219 or INA260 Current Sensor

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Z-Uno and INA219 or INA260 Current Sensor

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Hi everyone, I have been trying for some time to get either the INA219 or INA260 Current Sensors working with the Z-Uno to report 4 DC power supplies.

Have seen a reference to successfully achieving this from @Gotty101 in a post in Aug 2018 https://forum.z-wave.me/viewtopic.php?f ... 219#p85614 but all efforts to solicit a response have not been successful.

Present configuration is a 2.1.5 Z-Uno with Arduino 1.6.5.

Any clues, ideas or information as to how to connect the INA2XX current sensors gratefully received.

Many Thanks and Stay Healthy
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