Possible to wake from sleep on both rise and fall?

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Possible to wake from sleep on both rise and fall?

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I don't have a Z-Uno yet, but the product looks great and I am thinking of buying one to begin with home automation. I don't have too much experience with hardware, but I am a software developer by trade.

Anyways, I am wondering if this is possible:

I will have a simple switch hooked up to the Uno. The Uno will be powered by battery, so efficient use of power is of the utmost importance.

Whenever the switch opens OR closes, I want the device to wake up, and send a message over the Z-Wave protocol. Once it has been sent, the device can go back to sleep.

Theoretically, to my amateur mind this looks to be possible using interrupts (set an interrupt on both rise and fall, then run the code to send the message). However, I don't know what state a sleeping device will be in... The main question is: if the device is put to sleep when the switch is CLOSED, will there be any current flowing through it while asleep, in order to detect a FALL via interrupt?

And as an aside, if anyone has any suggestions for books or online courses etc. in order to better learn the electronics/hardware side of things, I would love to hear them. I've just ordered an Arduino IoT kit (with breadboard, wires, a bunch of resistors etc.) to get some practice, which I hope will translate to Z-Uno.


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