ZUNO_THERMOSTAT - flags and modes

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ZUNO_THERMOSTAT - flags and modes

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I am trying to learn how the ZUNO_THERMOSTAT macro works. I am using a Z-one and a controller RaZberry with Zway. I've been trying to use different "modes" using the "flags" parameter, but this parameter only creates elements in Zway with the modes:
With these three flags together, the system creates a "Thermostat operation" object, similar to a switch_binary (on/off) and two "temperature selectors", similar to a switch_multilevel to select cool and heat. Also if I use only the THERMOSTAT_FLAGS_OFF and the THERMOSTAT_FLAGS_HEAT (or THERMOSTAT_FLAGS_COOL), I can get a "Thermostat operation" object and a thermostat for heat (or cool) ZUNO_THERMOSTAT).
This all works well for me.

But the rest of the flags do not work for me:
When I use them, no object appears on the Zway screen. Can someone, please, explain me how these modes are used or if i'm making a mistake?
Thank you

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Re: ZUNO_THERMOSTAT - flags and modes

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They should be visible in Expert UI, but not in Smart Home UI. This is a Z-Way limitation. not Z-Uno. Z-Way will be improved soon to fix this.

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