KiCad file for the Module?

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KiCad file for the Module?

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I see one for the Z-Uno dev board at the bottom of, but does anyone have such a file for the Z-Uno Module?


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Re: KiCad file for the Module?

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There are some EasyEDA prints here but I don't know if they can be ported to KiCad ... components

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Re: KiCad file for the Module?

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I have a symbol and footprint library for both the ZUno board and module. My memory is hazy, but I'm pretty sure the module symbol and footprint are my own work. The other stuff I may have found somewhere, but it probably had to tweak it.

I've used the module footprint on a single project and it matched the part correctly.

I just put them in a GitHub repo at

Hope it helps and if you can make them better then please share.

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