No signal from temperature 11, One Wire connaction

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No signal from temperature 11, One Wire connaction

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I have installed the following sketch on one of my Z_UNIO´s, see below.
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I have used PIN 6,5,4,3 -for sensors that are based on 5 VOLT input. These are working fine.

In addition I have used the 11, One WIre connection for one ds18b20 Temperature sensor. I htried first three, but that did not work so I tried with just one. This did not work as I did not get any reading of temperature. I measured voltage over GND and the 11, One Wire connection - read 4,67 Volt.

I have as well tried the sema temperature sensor(s) (2 x) on a Fibary Binary Universal Sensor. Waited some minutes after I turned on the device befire I paired it with teh Z-WAVE.ME controller.

Ideally I want to have 4 to 5 ds18B20 temperatur sensor inboud on my Z-UNO instaed of using the Finaro unit.

Does anoone see if there can be something wrog with teh sketch ? I have used the "raw" fom the configurator (except for some adusting of some values for PIN 6,5,4,3) as I am are not any clever with Arduino programmin.
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