Horstmann HRT4-ZW thermostat - climate schedule issue

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Horstmann HRT4-ZW thermostat - climate schedule issue

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Hello,I'm having a bit of a problem getting a climate schedule to work correctly with the thermostat.I've created a climate schedule, with times etc ...When I activate it it controls the switching points correctly that day ...But the next day instead of switching correctly to the new temperature at the next switching point the temperature on the thermostat stays and seems to override the temperature set in z-way as if it was a manual adjustment ...So for the thermostat control screen it says:"Thermostat  |  Front Room  |  6 grd C  |  (19 - 13)  |  Automatically controlled"So it should be 19 at this time, but says 6 and 19 - 13 as if I had set it manually, which i haven't.What have I done wrong?Thank you for any help!Luke
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May be you have shifted the temperature for the room or device?

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On the right of "Automatically controlled" label in Thermostat tab and on the right of Climate schedule selection in Zones Status tab there are buttons to shift temperature for the device and the entire zone. May be you have used them?

Or if the themperature (6 deg) is still red, HRT4-ZW has not waken up yet. After first wakeup the temperature would be synced and become black.
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