one time condition

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one time condition

Post by vvuu »

I need to make Rule that will be turning ON a binary switch when the light sensor sends some value to the controller.
sensor sends update of for example luminescence only when the light condition is changing.. and only then I want to turn on the binary switch.
Later if I manually set the binary switch OFF - I don't want a situation when it will be turn On back
only next time when sensor sends the same value to the controller (it will be next day)..

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Re: one time condition

Post by bogr »

If I understand this correctly you want the switch to go off only once a day. So when you manually turn it OFF (after it has been triggered), you don't want it to be triggered back ON just because the luminescence reports the same value again.

One solution is to use a virtual switch ("Dummy Device" app) as a secondary condition that you can check in your "Logical rule" configuration. So, when the luminescence triggers the actual switch, it triggers the virtual switch as well. Then your condition in your logical rule has to check that the virtual switch actually is off (in addition to the luminescence level) in order to trigger the real switch - so you have a AND condition. Then you have a scheduler that resets the virtual (OFF) switch at midnight, or whatever time you have as a time limit. In this way the switch wont be triggered back ON when you set it to OFF since the virtual switch will already be ON.

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