Schwaiger ZHS11 and Zway

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Schwaiger ZHS11 and Zway

Post by Sammy »

Hi guys,

I'm really new to Zway and home automation.
I've successfully setup a raspberry pi with z-way server and have the UZB1 module successfully installed on the deivce.

I've the Actor Schwaiger ZHS11 for testing, but unfortunately I can't get it to work. I've tried the inclusion for several times by pressing the button on the deivce for three times and starting the inclusion on the zway server.

After a few seconds the zway server says: INCLUSION takes a long time to start up.
That's it...

Can someone help me with this challenge to get the inclusion for this device work?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Schwaiger ZHS11 and Zway

Post by PoltoS »

Sure you have a license with your UZB1?
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