Aeotec Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition)

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Aeotec Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition)

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I included my energy meter and the values being displayed are somewhat incorrect.

Expert only reports the KWh used (total, and each phase), phase one and phase two are junk, the total attemps to be correct. all three are 53.237kWh if i press update all, if i press update individually i think they all report the value of the item i asked for the update. I'm also wondering if it reports the total for the day...

HA reports more information (KWh, Watts, Voltage and Amps) as total, phase one and phase two. the two phases should add up to the total.

KWh Total: 52.2KWh
Watts: 3176.1W <<< This is incorrect s/b 3798.6+3671.2=7469.8
Voltage: 123.8 Volts
Amps: 60.8A <<< Calculated Power 123.8Vx60.8A=7527.04 (57.2 watt small delta from the two phases added together)

KWh Phase 1: 27.2KWh
Watts: 3798.6W
Voltage: 123.8 Volts
Amps: 31.0A

KWh Phase 2: 21.5KWh
Watts: 3671.2W
Voltage: 123.8 Volts
Amps: 29.8A
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Re: Aeotec Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition)

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Does anybody know how to configure parameter 101 so to get watt and kwh for single phase and the whole ?
For exsmple how can i set parameter 101 to decimal value 16131 ?
Does anybody use this device correctly ?


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