New to and have some questons, about settings,imige and so on.

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New to and have some questons, about settings,imige and so on.

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Would be very grateful for answers to these questions, sorry for the bad grammar, I use google translate :|

Little background,
today I use vera secure which is controlled by Homeassistant on a nuc, I use exclusively zwave 5 things and start approaching 200pcs. After replacing my old solution for waterborne underfloor heating to quibino thermostst 2 which apparently is not supported by vera thought that qubino claims it, I talk to vera support and it does not look like they will add support for it and Ezlo moves away from HA it looks like.
So today I chose to buy an rpi 4 8gig + a razberry module v2. I also ordered a usb version coming on Monday, when I read it should be possible to transfer the devices to from vera with this, I can copy the things from vera and transfer to rpi with the razberry module if I use usb?

Is it possible to get to react as quickly as Vera does with ha? (I can literally flash the lights several times a second and do not want to lose this fast response) how do I need to set zwave to achieve this?
HA found with homekitt but oh how slow it reacts there compared to vera. (I tried to move 5-6 units to see how it worked, these are mounted very close to the controller)

2: what is the most optimal way to run against ha? I do not want zwave on the same device as HA due to ha´s stability issues and frequent reboots during updates (therefore I liked vera against ha) I downloaded the image for rpi which is on the website and posted on a sdkort but rpi refuses to start and says that it is too old for the hardware, so then I put standar imigen from rpi and it starts without problems. but is it faster / better to run the image?

3: on vera you get consumption and dimmer etc. under the same unit, is it possible to get the same with

4: Neo coolcam door / window sensor does not report battery status in how do I enter it? (can not find varible or size to enter manually, on vera I get it automatically)

5: is ID lock 101/150 supported in

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