Razberry and Raspberry 2 B compatibility

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Razberry and Raspberry 2 B compatibility

Post by lowilly »

Hello everyone!
I'm new in this forum and I have to ask you a few questions...I tried to search in the forum but i didn't find an answer that satisfy me.
I have to start a project using z-wave protocol and the raspberry board
The questions are:
- is the new Raspberry 2(900MHz quad-core, 1GB RAM) fully compatibile with the RaZberry Daughter Card?
- what version of raspbian is best to use?
- what version (rc) of z-way?

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Re: Razberry and Raspberry 2 B compatibility

Post by dolpheen »

Hi lowilly

I have some Pi 2 with Razberry and z-way running on it.
I downloaded the actual raspbian from raspberry site (don't remember the version) and installation procedure is the same as for the "old" Pi.
Z-way version 2.0.1-rc25 is OK for me.
Razberry B+ 2.0.1-rc25 on ZW500 + 15 devices / Razberry B 2.0.1-rc25 on ZW300 for test

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