Z-Box 软件更新 (v2.0.1-rc29-13-g851602b)dated 2015-6-11

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Z-Box 软件更新 (v2.0.1-rc29-13-g851602b)dated 2015-6-11

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Z-Box最新的软件更新已经出来,这个版本有很多改进,功能很强大,强烈建议更新! :D

- 更改了鉴权的功能与UI,现在HA UI需要登入,可以设置管理员与普通级别用户。
- 大幅度优化了HA UI,整合了更多的App (功能模组),现在功能很强大。
- 强化了保安性,做了一些bug fix
- 新增 “Z-Way Configuration Interface” (进入)
-默认为Z-Way UI的进口(以前是Router UI),而Router UI 则变成


到http:// 的 LuCI界面),进入“System”下面的Back Up/Flash firmware 进行更新,请注意刷flash的过程很长,而且不会显示进度,所以你要等最少20分钟,等它自动重启,(如果重启成功你会找到Wifi 信号SSID是Ubitech-2077),千万不能中途断电,如果不成功的话(变砖),你要用UART console 和TFTP 去重刷,这个比较麻烦。

升级完成之后,有时候会找不到Wifi信号,因为如果现场wifi信号太多,Z-Box会跳去使用13信道,中国很多电脑不支持13信道,这时只能用网线连LAN port,先进入192.168.1.1:8085看看是否可以打开Router UI,如果可以,就表示软件升级成功(也可以再把Wifi调到其它信道)。


1. 设置root password(在Router UI 设置)
2. ssh 登入root (例如 ssh root@
3. rm /usr/local/z-wave-server/modules/modinstaller.so
(Windows 用户用WinSCP也可以)
4. 重启Z-Box

这里可以下载UART console 升级的方法(万一前面方法不成功才需要用)

Official Change Log

28.06.2015 v2.0.1

Command Classes:
- MultiCmd MaxNum changed to 6

New Command Classes:
- MultiChannel v4 support

Stability and security fixes:
- Don't allow to call secure commands unsecurely.
- Fix Security Scheme Inherit.
- Fix timers issue when clock is adjusted.
- Fix some non-blocking socket issues in sockets.
- Check if device still exists after SendData callback.
- Prevent segfault when unsubscribing data holder callback from within itself
- Restore function on 6.51.03 works again

New features:
- Add remote peer info in WebServer.

- Remote access management added to Home Automation UI.
- Removed UI selector page, access is possible via direct link or Info Widget

29.05.2015 v2.0.1-rc33

Command Classes:
- Make Basic CC mandatory in Secure NIF too
- MultCmd set maxNum in Defaults.xml.
- Ignore supported reports for already interviewed
- SensorBinary/SensorMultilevel command classes (to fix phantom sensors).
- Add 10 sec grace period for SensorMultilevel v1-4 when new sensor types are still accepted.
- Support rfStateCap == 0 in Protection CC to correctly handle devices with no RF protection.
- Update event type parent DH for Alarm/AlarmSensor CC when receiving event reports.

New Command Classes:
- MultiChannel v4 fallback support (supported as v3).

- Fix timers and queue hangs issue when clock is adjusted too much.
- Fix Security scheme inherit logic.
- Fix Alarm v3 event type mask bug.
- Make saveObject() atomic.
- Fix Version CC segfault on version change
- Workaround for devices not removing Security from NIF in usecure inclusion.

Home Automation:
- Notification CC (Alarm v3) renders vDev
- Added Sonos and GlobalCache modules
- Users management and authentication added

New features:
- Made queuing a bit faster: do not NACK job when received SOF while awaiting for ACK, CAN problem fixed.
- JavaScript sockets module now supports non-blocking, asynchronous, multicast, broadcast and reusable sockets.
- JavaScript XML module namespaces support added in findOne/findAll.
- Added possibility to write own V8 extensions. Sample code here: http://razberry.z-wave.me/fileadmin/modsample.tgz
- Added processPendingCallback() call in JS code (to keep callbacks working while handling slow code in JS).
- Add UZB driver to Windows installer

- Removed Z-Way HA UI and Blue UI.
- Made new Smart Home UI as default HA.
Z-Way rocks!
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