RaZberry + GC-TBZ48

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RaZberry + GC-TBZ48

Post by tuxevil »

Hi all, im new on this forum

I have tried to find a solution for my problem but couldnt.

Can anyone help me with this?

Im trying to add this thermostat but i cant get 100% interview, only 88%, the command i get refuse is ThermostatSetPoint and Association

I found over internet that on other platforms like openhub and home-assistant they already found the solution by making it own template with ThermostatSetMultiPoint or something similar, but even if i now have access to those templates, i dont know where to put them and more importart, how to set my device to use it.


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Re: RaZberry + GC-TBZ48

Post by powellmd »

Bump on this post; same basic problem.

I've obtained xml files from the alliance library and from the open z-wave library, but I can't get UpdateXMLs.sh to add them to the index even after some minor tweaks. The result is always a "list index out of range" error.

Are there any translators (either scripted or a written manual) to convert these xml files to something that will be processed by UpdateXMLs.sh?

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Re: RaZberry + GC-TBZ48

Post by nybble »

I know I'm posting to a nearly 3 year old forum post and normally I wouldn't, but I was just given two of these thermostats as a gift while I remodel my house.

I've hooked up one and I can never get the interview to complete.

The devices are powered using the 24VAC common and so should not be going to sleep.

The interview reaches about 86%, failing to complete the ThermostatSetPoint, AssociationGroupInformation, and Association components.

Were you ever able to get this thermostat to complete its interview successfully?

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